Every year about this time, we tally up the most popular baby names… and for the past few years, they haven’t changed much.  Matter of fact, the top 8 girls names from 2010 are still in the top 8 this year – they’ve just changed places a bit.  Sophia was number one this year and number 2 in 2010… Isabella number 1 in 2010 is number 2 in 2012. Similar swaps happened with Mia and Emma in 3rd and 4th place and Oliva and Emily in 5th and 6th place!  Two new names in the girls top 10 – Sofia with an “f” came in at number 10 and Madison returns after falling off in 2011.

A little more chnage in the boy’s names for 2012, but Jacob stays at number one.  This year, Ethan moved up to number 2 from number 6 last year.  Alexander moves to 5th from 9th and Mason goes to 8th from 10th .  Michael takes the biggest tumble from the 4th most popular last year to 10th.  There is only one new name on the boy’s top ten this year – Liam moves in at 4th.

You can see the full list of top 100 names given to babies born in Arizona in 2012 on our website.