One of our best Agency traditions has been our Christmas Angel program.  Every year for the past 15 years our employees have been helping other Agency employees to make sure every kid in the ADHS family has something to open on Christmas morning.  More than 230 angels were adopted from trees at the State Hospital and downtown campus this year.  Folks went out and shopped, wrapped and brought in terrific presents that got redistributed- each of which will bring smiles to the faces of kids (and their families) on Christmas.

The shopping and donations are only part of it.  Thanks to those who coordinate the program – Chief Elf Maria Elena Gamez is pictured along with two of her elves – Anita Sotelo and Lupe Jackson are shown surrounded by piles of presents.  Sherry Anderson, Stephanie Bishop, Sandy Laude, Andrea Peterson, and Anne Hartley also helped to make sure the right packages connected with the right “angels”.

Also, as an acknowledgment for involvement in community activities (donating to food drives, volunteering at food banks, etc), those who participated in these types of activities over the past year can wear jeans starting tomorrow, through the end of the year- as long as you don’t have a stakeholder meeting or meeting off site.  We appreciate all your contributions to our community and the Health and Wellness of all Arizonans. Have a happy holiday!

Thanks again to the ADHS family for caring…