CDC strengthens recommendation for COVID-19 vaccination during pregnancy

By | August 16th, 2021|Preparedness|

Among the #VaxFacts videos we launched last week is one noting there’s no evidence that getting vaccinated can affect your fertility. Now the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has strengthened its recommendation that pregnant women get vaccinated against COVID-19. This is based on a new analysis of current data that found no increase [...]

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Be Prepared for the Start of the New School Year by Vaccinating Your Kids

By | July 18th, 2017|Preparedness|

Parents, are you ready for the new school year?  Meeting teachers, organizing backpacks, and packing lunches are some of the many things you are prepared for, but what about your child’s vaccination status?  As the first day of school approaches, take a quick second to review Arizona’s state mandated immunization requirements for children entering child [...]

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Don’t Let the Flu Get You

By | January 6th, 2017|Preparedness|

It’s a busy time of year when kids are out of school, some businesses are closing up shop for the holidays, and people are taking some quality time to spend with friends and family. The last thing you need right now is a case of the flu. The tiredness, achiness, fever, and congestion [...]

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Dodging the Measles Bullet?

By | May 1st, 2014|Preparedness|

You might remember from a few weeks ago that a single patient exposed over 1,000 Arizonans to measles.  Because measles is highly infectious and 90% of unvaccinated contacts become infected, Public Health worked overtime to identify and interview suspected cases.   Health care facilities were placed on heightened alert.  The State Laboratory rushed testing of suspicious [...]

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Epidemiologists: Public Health’s Smoke-Jumpers

By | April 10th, 2014|Preparedness, Prevention|

Like a hotshot team, a rapid response by public health is essential to stopping the spread of measles in unvaccinated persons… and disease detectives in Maricopa County are currently working to squash a measles outbreak right now. Last week a person with measles visited a restaurant, church and airport in Arizona, exposing over a thousand [...]

Influenza Season Officially Arrives

By | January 3rd, 2014|Preparedness|

Flu season is here!  Parts of the country (mostly in the south) have had more intense flu activity in the last few weeks, and 25 states reported widespread flu activity for the week ending December 28th.   Meanwhile, in Arizona we are seeing an increase in the number of lab-confirmed flu cases reported to ADHS- but [...]

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Pertussis Exemptions Study

By | October 15th, 2013|Prevention|

A study came out in Pediatrics last week that looked at how vaccine exemptions were related to a statewide outbreak of pertussis (also known as whooping cough) in California in 2010. As you might expect, the authors found that there were more whooping cough cases in areas with higher rates of vaccine exemptions.  These findings were [...]

The “Arizona Strip” Whooping Cough Cluster

By | July 29th, 2013|Preparedness, Prevention|

Whooping cough, also known as pertussis, has been increasing in Arizona and the rest of the nation for the last few years. Pertussis usually runs in a cycle, peaking every 3-5 years and then decreasing again.  Symptoms include fits of cough, vomiting after the fits of cough, and a whooping sound during cough. Some complications include pneumonia, [...]

Studying Vaccine Choice

By | January 25th, 2013|Preparedness, Prevention|

As I mentioned in a blog post a few weeks ago, more AZ parents are choosing not to vaccinate their kids- and using “personal exemptions” when they enroll their kids in school.  If the trend continues, we could jeopardize our immunization rates enough so that we'd see long gone diseases like measles and mumps return in [...]

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Influenza Still Increasing in AZ

By | January 25th, 2013|General|

Yesterday afternoon's weekly flu report shows that influenza is still circulating widely in AZ...  with a steep increase in the last couple of weeks.  The strain that’s circulating is mostly Type A - H3N2 which can be more severe than the 2009 H1N1, especially for seniors. There are plenty of B strains going around too.  But you can still find [...]

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