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2018 Antibiotic Awareness Week

November 12 – 18, 2018 is U.S. Antibiotic Awareness Week. This annual week-long observance raises awareness of the threat of antibiotic resistance and the importance of appropriate antibiotic prescribing. This week helps increase awareness of improving appropriate use of antibiotics in communities, in healthcare facilities, and even on the

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Valley Fever Awareness Week 2018

Dust Storm Weather 6/6/06 A dust storm rolls into the Valley of the Sun Tuesday evening. The Arizona Center, St. Mary’s Basilica and Chase Ballpark are in the foreground in downtown Phoenix, AZ. Photo by Rob Schumacher/The Arizona Republic

Valley Fever Awareness Week is here! Did you know that valley fever […]

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ADHS Playbook will guide leaders in emergencies

During a disaster, local, state, and federal governments can declare a state of emergency to free up emergency funding and waive certain regulatory requirements that can impede rapid response. The steps for issuing such a declaration are often complicated by differing laws at the various levels of government. Additionally, it is […]

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Recent Ebola Activity in the DRC

Increased Ebola activity has been reported in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) since May 2018. Swift and effective public health responses, including the use of an experimental Ebola vaccine, have been successful in containing the outbreak in the northwestern part of the country, which was declared over on […]

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Arizona Public Health Works to Improve Vaccine Coverage for Children

Vaccines are critical to protecting the health of all Arizonans because they help stop the spread of numerous dangerous diseases, such as measles and whooping cough. Not everyone is old enough or healthy enough to be protected with vaccines, which is why it’s so important that nearly everyone else in our community […]

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