Even with COVID-19 still active in our communities, a fun Halloween can be had with a little attention to mitigation steps we all know well by now. 

Most importantly, whether you’re receiving or handing out candy this Halloween, stay home and away from others if you feel ill.

If you and your costumed kids are good to go, here are some tips to keep things safe: 

  • Each trick-or-treater should wear a face mask in addition to any other mask they plan to wear;
  • As with any situation involving people you don’t live with, be sure to maintain at least 6 feet of physical distance from others; 
  • Use hand sanitizer frequently; and 
  • Avoid touching surfaces that others have touched. A costumed elbow can ring a doorbell, for example. 

If you are facing boys and ghouls at your door:

  • Wear a mask;
  • Use tape to make lines that help trick-or-treaters maintain 6 feet of distance;
  • Wash or sanitize your hands often; and
  • Consider having individual bags or cups filled with goodies for kids to take, or make a game of softly tossing treats into trick-or-treat bags.

If you’d rather keep your kids at home, which is always the safest option, there are plenty of alternatives to trick-and-treating, such as having kids work on crafts or having a virtual costume contest with friends. 

A lot has changed since last Halloween, starting with the availability of safe, free, and highly effective COVID-19 vaccines for those 12 and older. If your trick-or-treater is eligible but not vaccinated, please visit azhealth.gov/FindVaccine to locate a provider and roll up that costumed sleeve. 

Soon, kids ages 5 to 11 will be eligible for vaccination as well. I hope that will make for an even more festive Halloween in 2022.