Numbers added to our COVID-19 Data Dashboard normally are lower coming out of the weekend. But today’s were extremely low even for a Monday, with just 150 cases added. We’ve learned that this was because of a data-processing problem over the weekend that was corrected on Monday morning but likely will affect numbers through midweek. 

Tuesday’s dashboard additions are likely to be low again as everything works its way through the system. Then additions Wednesday and Thursday are likely to be higher than they’d otherwise be as delayed numbers are added. 

Using laboratory testing reports to identify COVID-19 cases that are displayed on our dashboard is a multi-step process. Laboratory reports we receive must be processed and added to our surveillance system, verifying whether the positive test is for a new case or a case we already know about. Once the positive test is in our surveillance system, we classify the case, verifying that it meets the criteria to be counted. All the data from the system are then aggregated daily for publication on our dashboards. This sequence of steps between report and publication means that when one step doesn’t work, it can have downstream effects. Even once a problem is resolved, it can take some time for all the data to process through the system.

I’m glad so many people rely on our Data Dashboard to keep track of COVID-19 in Arizona. We work hard to bring you timely and accurate information. When something doesn’t go right, we address it as quickly as possible.