As a scientist in the Arizona State Public Health Laboratory, Sarah Brown found a calling she found more fulfilling than a private sector career. She and others in the ADHS chemical emergency response program are trained to deliver critical intelligence to medical providers and political decision-makers in the event of terrorism. 

“Hospitals need to know what exactly is hurting their patients,” she says. “If they don’t know, they don’t know how to treat them. All they can do is treat symptoms.”

Sarah’s story is just one of those featured in a new section of our ADHS Careers website at, with videos and text showing what some of our employees do for Arizonans and what drew them to public health. 

One goal for these features, which you’ll see on our LinkedIn account and other social media platforms, is promoting ADHS as the great, fun, and fulfilling place it is for careers in public service. But I commend them to everyone’s attention so you can see the dedication and skill of our team members. 

You’ll get to know people including: 

  • Ri Trinidad, a psychiatric nurse shift supervisor at the Arizona State Hospital (ASH) who discusses why she loves her complex job.
  • Kenneth Wylie, a lead behavioral health technician at ASH who shares how it’s his duty and obligation to make sure patients know he is in their corner.
  • Jonica Inch, chief of the Office of Rapid Response Disease Investigation in our Division of Public Health Preparedness, who explains how lessons from COVID-19 help us prepare for the next pandemic. 
  • Dr. Austin Echelmeier, a chemist at the State Laboratory, who shares how scientists there are joined by a common passion for finding answers to the questions posed by samples they test. 
  • Susan Robinson, our chief business intelligence officer, who explains the expanding importance of data to the field of public health. 

What connects these stories is a passion for serving the people of Arizona. If you are looking for a career where you can help people while working in an energizing and fun environment, please check us out. For example, we have a job fair coming up Wednesday, Nov. 2, at the Arizona State Hospital. 

Even if you aren’t looking at public health as a career, I hope you will spend time with the people we feature at I’m privileged to work every day with these and other professionals whose dedication makes Arizona a better and healthier place every day.