For about four hours this morning, balls were hopping in the bingo machine as we randomly chose one dispensary for each of the 68 competitive districts.  All the drawings are online for you to watch – there were 404 applications considered in the 68 drawings.  There were also 29 CHAAs where there was only one eligible applicant.  There were two CHAAs that we did not select today because of pending court action.  There were also 27 areas where no applications were made – making up the 126 areas in the state. 

The results are posted- you’ll notice that only the dispensary application number is on the list; that’s because of the confidentiality clause in the Medical Marijuana Act.  

The successful applicants will be notified by mail and need to fill out some more paperwork to get the certificates.  I talked about that last week.  We anticipate sending some certificates out this month depending on how quickly the applicants respond.