COVID-19 numbers noteWednesday’s weekly update to COVID-19 cases in Arizona will provide a number that needs to be put in context. 

This number, 26,866, is almost entirely the result of one laboratory reporting cases that occurred throughout 2022. In reality, Arizona saw 1,890 cases for the week ending Feb. 18. Deaths added to the dashboard aren’t affected. 

This kind of reporting anomaly has occurred occasionally for COVID-19 updates, though usually not to this degree. It serves as a reminder that the best way to look for trends in COVID-19 cases is visiting the COVID-19 Cases By Week curve, which will show COVID-19 cases continuing to be far below levels seen in the fall. 

It’s also a reminder that COVID-19 cases reported each week normally encompass the previous few weeks. As will be the case with Wednesday morning’s update, there will occasionally be cases from long before that.