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Get Ahead on Back to School and Fall Sports by Making Sure You Have Your Child’s Birth Certificate

August is a busy time of year for many Arizona families.  It’s time for back to school and enrollment for fall sports, both of which will likely require you to submit a copy of your child’s birth certificate. Our Bureau of Vital Records is responsible for maintaining and issuing certified copies of Arizona […]

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CDC Report Highlights Rare Cases of Paralysis in Maricopa County Children

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published a report this week in the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) about five Arizona children diagnosed with Acute Flaccid Myelitis (AFM).  AFM is a rare but serious condition that affects the nervous system causing a sudden onset of arm and/or leg weakness […]

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Opioid Response: Updated Data and Expanding Naloxone for First Responders

We have seen more 1,100 possible opioid overdoses reported to us since the enhanced surveillance executive order went into effect on June 15. With more required reporters reporting, we expected that we might see an increase in the number of overdoses reported. During this four-week period, 146 deaths were reported as suspected opioid […]

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Tips to Help Your Family to Stay Safe in the Summer Heat

Temperatures in Arizona during the summer soar, and heat-related illnesses are common. Anyone can be susceptible to heat-related illness, but those at greatest risk are children under age four, adults over age 65, homeless people, outdoor workers, people who are overweight, and people who are ill or on certain medications.

Following some simple […]

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Prepare Fruits Safely to Avoid Foodborne Diseases

Summer is here, and that means a new set of seasonal fruit to enjoy. Summertime also means an increased risk for foodborne illnesses, as bacteria multiply faster in warmer temperatures. The last thing you want on a vacation, road trip, or at a backyard barbecue are sick kids. Thankfully, washing fruits thoroughly […]

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