In support of our statewide COVID-19 response, our state and local public health preparedness programs are busy receiving and distributing life-saving medical supplies from the federal Strategic National Stockpile (SNS). So far, ADHS has distributed more than 181,681 N95 masks, 532,500 surgical masks, 85,248 face shields, 70,570 surgical gowns, 1,756 coveralls, and more than 340,000 surgical gloves to our local public health jurisdictions. Other supplies include thousands of face shields and hundreds of coveralls.

When a state needs medical supplies or pharmaceuticals, it can request these resources through the SNS. Once a request from a state is approved by the SNS program, shipments typically arrive within one day, with a target of 6 to 12 hours. The SNS also has relationships with private industry to obtain additional resources during emergencies and disasters. Although the SNS contains over $8B in medical supplies and pharmaceuticals, it will likely not meet the needs of our nation-wide healthcare system during the current pandemic. This is why we continue to look for innovative ways to prepare our communities for the challenges that lie ahead.

Currently, we have been distributing mass care site kits that include gloves, masks, and gowns as well as supplies needed for alternative health care sites (sheets, pillows, hygiene supplies, etc.). These “kits” have been distributed to all 15 counties and several tribes to supplement the SNS resources already in place. While these supplies are not sufficient in quantity for a prolonged response, they will help us meet short-term needs as we plan for longer-term solutions.

As the COVID-19 response progresses, we will continue to reach out to our SNS partners and the private sector to address the needs of our healthcare partners as they care for our communities. Learn more about the COVID-19 response in Arizona by visiting our website.