Trauma/EMS MonthMay is National Trauma Awareness Month, presenting an opportunity for each of us to recognize and appreciate the many people working to keep us safe. So does EMS Week, which will be from May 15-21.

This year’s theme for National Trauma Awareness Month is “Safe Surroundings,” with a focus on preventing violence and promoting safety in our communities by reducing intentional injuries and deaths. This year’s EMS Week theme is “Rising to the Challenge.” 

Given the documented rise in violence in the U.S., the National Trauma Awareness Month’s theme of “Safe Surroundings” focuses on preventing violence and promoting peace within communities. Trauma system professionals throughout Arizona have been responding to this rise in intentional injuries and deaths, and establishing safe surroundings for all Arizonans is critical to health and wellness for all.

Over the last year, EMS providers in Arizona responded to 1,097,187 incidents (86% medical and 14% injury/trauma), administered 12,943 doses of naloxone for 7,635 suspected opioid overdoses, and assisted in administering COVID-19 vaccine doses. Arizona’s 47 trauma centers treated 58,841 patients while performing day-to-day services and providing critical health and safety training such as Stop-the-Bleed, CPR/AED, first aid, and naloxone administration. And they did all of this in the midst of the pandemic.

For more than a century, Arizona’s emergency medical professionals have been rising to the challenge of managing life-threatening emergencies with dedication, skill, training, and innovation. Today, more than 21,000 emergency medical services (EMS) professionals, 1,000 emergency nurses, 1,600 emergency physicians and 15,000 law enforcement officers make up our state’s EMS and trauma system.

On behalf of ADHS and our Bureau of EMS and Trauma System, I thank all of the heroes who provide EMS and trauma services every day throughout our state. We’ll have more to share on the blog and our social media accounts as this important month goes on.