Child Care LicensingChampioned by Governor Doug Ducey, the Arizona Management System challenges state agencies to continuously improve their value to taxpayers and our other customers. 

That’s why ADHS is pleased to share a recent improvement to the way we interact with licensed child care providers – and how the public will benefit from increased transparency as a result. 

This change, which began with licensed marijuana facilities, replaced processes that had depended on paper and traditional mail with a comprehensive online portal. Licensed child care providers now have access to a Licensing Management System that’s consistent with other ways we’ve all grown used to doing business in the 21st century. 

There’s no more printing, filling out, or mailing. There’s no need to visit our offices, though we still have people available to assist in-person. Child care providers can do it all online, including applying for a license.

If a provider needs a copy of a license, they can print one right away rather than waiting for something to arrive via mail.

If a child care provider receives a Statement of Deficiency after an ADHS survey or complaint inspection, it now can share its Plan of Correction through the portal. ADHS uses the portal to review those plans and either approve them or request changes. 

Our customers in the child care industry say the change maximizes convenience. 

It’s also made a difference for staff in our Child Care Facilities Licensing, allowing them to spend less time on paperwork and more on the oversight that is at the heart of their mission.

As part of this improvement, ADHS has started sharing child care facilities’ Plans of Correction on, our searchable database containing information about deficiencies found among all types of licensed providers. If lists a Statement of Deficiency for a child care facility, you can now look for the corresponding Plan of Correction to see what the provider did about it. 

We look forward to expanding this portal across all licensed facilities and also using it to post Plans of Correction in other areas. 

I’m proud of how ADHS employees have so dramatically improved the way we work with licensed child care providers and look forward to seeing those benefits come to other areas overseen by ADHS Licensing.