The COVID-19 vaccine is the best tool we have to keep us moving forward. Join the millions of Arizonans who have already been fully vaccinated.

That’s the call to action in a new ADHS public-service announcement you’ll see on TV and online.

COVID-19 vaccines have brought us a long way. Families and friends are reconnecting, schools have returned to in-person instruction, and businesses are in a far better place than before everyone 12 and older had access to these safe, free, and highly effective vaccines.

Arizona is indeed strong.

As this new public service announcement says, COVID-19 vaccination is the key to continuing this momentum toward more normal lives. The highly contagious Delta variant has shown that COVID-19 will find ways to continue spreading as long as there are enough unvaccinated people to harbor and spread it. That means more cases, more hospitalizations, more deaths – almost all of them preventable through vaccination.

While we continue building the community immunity that will finally check COVID-19, everyone can help reduce the spread by following simple and proven mitigation strategies, including:

  • masking up around anyone you don’t live with;
  • maintaining physical distance;
  • washing hands frequently;
  • staying home when sick; and
  • getting tested for COVID-19 if they have symptoms or 3-5 days after exposure to someone who is positive.

If you have questions about COVID-19 vaccinations, please visit or, better, talk with your healthcare provider. If you wish to get vaccinated, you can do so today, for free, at hundreds of locations around the state.