Vaccine Influencer: Dr. Cecilia RosalesThe importance of influencers can’t be overstated when it comes to encouraging people to protect themselves from COVID-19. That’s why we were so pleased to share on our social media accounts word that former President Donald Trump says he received his booster dose. The other living former presidents have encouraged vaccination, and President Joe Biden received his booster dose live on camera. 

We’re grateful to the millions of Arizonans and everyone else who have made the choice to protect themselves and others by getting the COVID-19 vaccine or a booster dose. We’re indebted to the many influential people in Arizona and beyond who have told the world that they’ve been vaccinated or boosted – and why.

From early in the pandemic, ADHS has been fortunate to have so many influential Arizonans share why they rolled up their sleeves, including Arizona Diamondbacks legend Luis “Gonzo” Gonzalez; Dr. Cecilia Rosales, associate dean of the University of Arizona’s Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health; former NBA star and broadcaster Tom Chambers; Pastor Sheriolyn Curry, presiding elder, Rocky Mountain District at African Methodist Episcopal Church; and Arizona Governor Doug Ducey.

You can see these influencers and more in our latest influencers public service announcement and testimonials and PSAs we’ve assembled on YouTube in English and Spanish.

AHDS also has held events and offered other commercials featuring doctors and other frontline healthcare workers, teachers and law enforcement officers, and members of the religious community. Those are some great influencers.

Arizona is fortunate to have a nationally recognized influencer advising on Arizona’s COVID-19 response: Dr. Richard Carmona, who is featured in our latest PSAs, a town hall-style video answering parents’ questions about COVID-19 vaccination for kids, and in a recent media event with hospital chief medical officers. 

I’m not an influencer in the league of any of those above, but you can count me among those who are vaccinated and boosted for my own health and for the health of my family, friends, colleagues, and community. 

You can be an influencer as well. With the holidays upon us, I hope you will gently encourage your loved ones to follow the example of Governor Ducey, President Biden, President Trump, Luis Gonzalez, Cecilia Rosales, Tom Chambers, Pastor Curry, and so many other influencers by getting the safe, free, and highly effective protection available from COVID-19 vaccines and boosters. 

Please visit to find – or to encourage someone else to find – one of the hundreds of vaccine providers around Arizona.