Cases lower due to holidayCases in today’s COVID-19 data dashboard update are lower than they’d ordinarily be because of the Christmas holiday. That also means we can expect to see higher numbers of cases added in the coming days as the dashboard catches up. 

We take pride in having a dashboard that keeps Arizonans apprised of COVID-19 in our state. Major holidays are a rare exception when the flow of information temporarily slows. 

With the holiday season underway, please keep COVID-19 safety top of mind, especially at gatherings. I urge to:

  • Get vaccinated and boosted:
  • Get kids ages 5 and older vaccinated.
  • Get your flu shot:
  • Mask up, physically distance, keep your hands washed, stay home if sick, and follow other prevention steps detailed at
  • Get tested if you have symptoms or 5-7 days after exposure to someone who has or who you think has COVID-19.
  • If you contract COVID-19, get tested early and see if you qualify for monoclonal antibody treatments to reduce the severity of your illness: (follow link to mAbs for Patients).

Let’s keep working together to put COVID-19 in its place.