For Black women, the risk of morbidity and death during pregnancy, delivery, or postpartum is up to three times greater than for white women.

That’s why the ADHS is working to educate health care providers and family members during National Black Maternal Health Week, from April 11-17.

The health issues for Black women during and after pregnancy include hypertension and hyptertensive disorders, inadequate prenatal care, preterm births (before 37 weeks gestation), and cesarean section deliveries. About 85% of those health issues arise postpartum and are considered preventable.

Here are some of our ongoing efforts to improve health outcomes and experiences for Black women in Arizona:

  • Working with hospitals on implementing the Alliance for Innovation on Maternal Health (AIM) severe hypertension in pregnancy safety bundle through the Arizona AIM Collaborative
  • Education for home visitors and families on postpartum warning signs
  • Statewide campaign for moms, families, and providers on postpartum warning signs
  • Support for South Phoenix Healthy Start, including virtual home visits, to promote healthy pregnancies and postpartum
  • Statewide maternal health strategy with the Arizona Maternal Health Task Force
  • Training for providers

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