ADHS invites you to meet Xander, Mia, and other young people unafraid of a future without nicotine. They are members of the Unvape Generation

Built around videos featured on the ADHS YouTube channel and in social media posts, this new campaign encourages young people to share their healthy hobbies and why these don’t mix with vaping. This video allows parents to see the campaign’s overall messages.

Mia’s passion is skateboarding:

For Xander, it’s soccer:

You can search for the hashtag #Unvape to see these and share videos on social media platforms including Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Facebook, and YouTube. The website is designed to inform those ages 13 to 17 about the advantages of life without vaping or tobacco use. 

I’m proud of the work our Office of Tobacco Prevention and Cessation has put into this campaign and encourage you to check out the Unvape Generation.