Whether you’re hosting a Thanksgiving celebration or attending as a guest, you can help make the healthy choice the easy choice for your friends and family.  Consider making a healthier version of an old favorite to share. This recipe for Corn Bread Crusted Turkey would go great served with this slightly modified recipe for a classic Green Bean Casserole.  

More common Thanksgiving recipes might use ingredients like cream, butter, and canned soups, but these recipes feature low fat dairy, low sodium- basically healthier ingredients.  Once the meal is prepared, you can help keep portions in check by turning off the TV, eating slowly, and filling half of your plate with fruits and vegetables. Stay active after your meal by playing some football with family or friends or taking the pets for a walk. 

If you’ve got multiple holiday celebrations to attend or host, you can check out these 10 tips from www.choosemyplate.gov to help plan a gathering that supports healthy eating and active living. Most important, don’t forget to enjoy the holiday food, festivities, and fun. Happy Thanksgiving!