Great American SmokeoutMilestones,” an award-winning public service announcement from the Arizona Smokers Helpline (ASHLine), begins with one man’s decision to end dependence on commercial tobacco. It then follows the health benefits that multiply in the years after that last cigarette. 

This year’s Great American Smokeout focuses on what gets someone to day one of life without commercial tobacco, taking that all-important first step toward those health milestones. A first step doesn’t have to happen in one day. In fact, getting to your quit day often takes more than one attempt. 

Quit journeys take time, planning, and patience. Since 1995, the has been providing eligible Arizonans with free assistance and the following:

  • a helpline to get started (1-800-55-66-222);
  • free quit coaching;
  • free over-the-counter nicotine replacement therapy; and
  • other resources to help people end their dependence on nicotine.

Whether you’re considering your first quit attempt or thinking about trying again, is here to help and will be with you through every step. Our coaches know that quitting is difficult and that failure can be part of the process. They also know that the first step is the hardest. 

As we mark the Great American Smokeout, I hope many more Arizonans will take that life-changing first step and seek the help available at or 1-800-55-66-222.