Crash Responder Safety WeekYou might associate Crash Responder Safety Week more with our colleagues at the Arizona Department of Public Safety and Arizona Department of Transportation. But it’s special to ADHS as well because of our role in supporting Arizona’s emergency medical services and trauma system

From 2019 to 2021, there were more than 100,000 traffic-related crashes involving injury or death in Arizona. With Governor Doug Ducey declaring Nov. 14-18 Crash Responder Safety Week in Arizona, ADHS joins agencies across the country urging motorists to slow down or move over every time they see flashing lights ahead. It’s not just the safe thing to do; it’s the law in Arizona, whether you’re on a freeway, local street, or any other public roadway. 

Crash Responder Safety Week also promotes quickly clearing minor crashes on divided highways to reduce the chances of secondary crashes and to help protect first responders. It’s also the law: If a crash doesn’t involve severe injuries, drivers must move motor vehicles from travel lanes to a spot that’s safer for all. 

We’re proud to support the dedicated professionals in Arizona’s emergency medical services and trauma system by sharing these important safety messages during Crash Responder Safety Week. We’re also promoting a free Traffic Incident Management (TIM) course available to first responders and information available to everyone on the AZ TIM website

Arizona’s first responders are there for you when crashes occur. This week, please consider how you can be there for them.