The ADHS Bureau of Emergency Medical Services & Trauma System has launched a new public-facing, trauma data dashboard. This tool allows the public to view an interactive report on trauma and injury in Arizona based on information from Arizona’s 47 trauma centers.

The Arizona State Trauma Registry collects information about patients who are injured, and are treated at a state designated trauma center. The data dashboard contains records from over 51,000 patients and all Arizona counties.

Some interesting points from the data include:

  • Over 50,000 trauma cases were reported in 2017, with over a quarter of them reported in adolescents and young adults.
  • Falls were the most frequent mechanism of injury overall – almost twice as many as the next highest cause. Falls disproportionately affect 65+ year olds.
  • The highest rate of trauma per 100,000 residents was in Gila County.
  • Fourteen percent of the trauma cases reported involved alcohol use and 13% involved drug use.
  • A small proportion of trauma cases (2.3%) resulted in death.

This new tool is an example of how ADHS is working to improve the public’s access to public health data and use data visualization tools to better describe Arizona’s health and inform targeted prevention strategies.