2020 Grand Prize Winner

Valley Fever is rare in most of the country, but not in Arizona. Of the more than 18,400 cases reported nationwide in 2019, more than half, 10,358, were in our state.

That’s why, for the fourth year in a row, we’re tapping into the creativity of Arizona kids to call attention to this disease that can afflict people and pets. In partnership with the Valley Fever Center for Excellence and Arizona schools, the Valley Fever Awareness Poster Contest challenges those under 18 to create messages warning friends and family about Valley Fever.

The contest will continue until Nov. 17, in the middle of Valley Fever Awareness Week (Nov. 15-19) in Arizona.

Winners will receive prizes, and their work will be featured on the ADHS website. Be sure to color in posters well enough so that they can be seen clearly when we scan them for our website.

For those who need some help getting started, visit our contest page at azhealth.gov/valleyfevercontest. Check out the entry form for the rules, and visit our gallery to see some of the best posters from previous contests. 

Last year, Arizona kids submitted 133 posters, and we’d like to see even more entries this year. 

Valley Fever is an infection of the lungs caused by a fungus that grows in the soil in Arizona and portions of other Southwest states, as well as in Mexico and Central America. Anyone, including healthy people and the family dog, can get Valley Fever. Symptoms can last for weeks or months.

Some symptoms are cough, fever, and exhaustion. You can reduce your chances of getting Valley Fever by staying out of blowing dust and wetting the ground before disturbing the soil. Make sure to ask your doctor to test you if you think you have it.