Today, we are very excited to announce that we have published the 2019 Arizona State Health Assessment! The Assessment highlights both successes and challenges in our state with the intent of driving data for action. The Assessment also identifies key social, economic, and environmental factors contributing to the health of Arizonans.

Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) utilizes an evidence-based public health approach to improve the health and wellness of Arizonans. This report is a vital tool for ADHS in our evidence-based approach as it provides an assessment of key data that will help our department set public health priorities in our communities.

The Assessment is the result of the work of ADHS and several community partners to present a snapshot of health issues we are working on in our communities. We expanded the collaborative process to include a more diverse perspective of the data from our partners. Because of this, the Assessment is a valuable resource that can be utilized not only by health-related stakeholders, but also by partners of all sectors.

A critical component of the Assessment is that it is a living document that allows us the opportunity to update data, add new, relevant sources, and continue the availability of Assessment findings for the state. We appreciate the input of those who participated in this process for their commitment to continuing the promotion of health and wellness for individuals and communities of Arizona. You can access the 2019 Arizona State Health Assessment from our website.