Valley Fever Week

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This is Valley Fever Awareness Week- an annual event to provide awareness  of coccidioidomycosis (also known as Valley Fever)- the second most commonly reported infectious disease in Arizona.  Events for the general public include a “Learn about Valley Fever – Ask the Doctor Your Questions” held in Tucson on Sunday, Nov. 6 and the Walk for Valley Fever in Sun City West on Sunday, Nov. 6.  Healthcare providers can receive continuing medical education in Tucson on Saturday, Nov. 5:  “Coccidioidomycosis for the PCP” and “Advanced Clinical Aspects of Coccidioidomycosis”.  To find out more about valley fever awareness week events visit:

Our epidemiology staff work closely with the Valley Fever Center for Excellence to promote education and awareness.  The Center is based at the U of A and will be opening a center in Phoenix in January.  Check out our home-grown video that’s designed help people understand the disease and how to talk to their doctors about it. To read more about valley fever and what has been done during past valley fever awareness weeks, please visit my blog.  I also wrote a piece about the effects that the large dust storms may have on valley fever, which by the way, we’re still investigating…


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    Our family will try to join Walk for Valley Fever in Sun City West on Sunday, Nov. 6.

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