Data Dashboard UpdateThroughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve updated our processes to ensure the data presented on the ADHS COVID-19 Data Dashboard is as complete and accurate as possible. Today, we are improving the way a patient’s county of residence is assigned in our Vaccine Administration dashboard. 

Previously, county assignment was based on the address entered into the patient record in the state’s immunization registry: ASIIS. This has occasionally resulted in the entry of an incorrect county, or more commonly, the county field being left blank. Our Geographic Information Specialists have integrated new geocoding processes into our data analysis that allow for the county to be automatically assigned based on electronic mapping of a patient’s address, improving the accuracy of the county data. 

In most cases, you probably won’t notice this change when reviewing our vaccine dashboard. The biggest impact is a significant (82%) reduction in the number of doses administered where the county field was unknown. 

We’re proud that the data dashboard has become an essential way for Arizonans to get the information they need to know where COVID-19 stands in our state. Today’s improvement doesn’t make a huge change to the dashboard itself, but it allows ADHS and our county public health partners to have the fullest possible understanding of progress in getting Arizonans vaccinated against COVID-19.