Ghosts and goblins aren’t alone among the scary things in your neighborhood this Halloween. ADHS and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are ready to share information that can help you protect yourself from environmental dangers.

Track or Treat highlights environmental public health – with a Halloween twist. Its goal: increasing awareness of environmental health topics, including such hazards as carbon monoxide, UV rays, poor air quality, and radon gas. 

Each image on the site provides tips on how to guard against “environmental health frights” and explains how to find data on environmental health topics using the National Environmental Public Health Tracking Network.

The CDC funds Arizona’s tracking program to integrate health and environmental data so that public health leaders and community members can make informed decisions on improving the health of communities. The health and environmental data can be found on the data explorer tool, where topics can be viewed as maps, charts, and graphs. 

This Halloween, these tricks can protect you from environmental dangers:

  • Install a carbon monoxide detector and check the batteries regularly. Keep all generators or gasoline powered engines at least 20 feet from any door, window, or vent. 
  • Take steps to reduce exposure to excessive sunlight, which causes most skin cancers.
  • If you have asthma, know your triggers and have medication on hand in case you are exposed to secondhand smoke, dust mites, air pollution, and mold.
  • Get a test kit and check every level of your home for radon gas, which can lead to lung cancer and other health problems.