The offseason is over, the virtual draft has concluded, and the NFL season has finally kicked off. This weekend, many Arizonans may have plans to enjoy the Cardinals’ opening game against the 49ers. While you’re cheering on our home team, remember you are safer at home. If you do plan to watch the game with extended family or friends, make sure they’re part of your Quaranteam

Quaranteams can allow families and friends to socialize safely. These small groups of two or a few isolated households can agree to follow the same COVID-19 prevention protocols to minimize the risk of spread within the group.  This includes things like staying physically distant from others, wearing masks when they are out, and practicing good hand hygiene. If someone in the Quaranteam gets ill, communicate with others in the Quaranteam to ensure that any exposed members know to quarantine.

If you’re watching the game outside of your home, or are hosting people outside of your Quaranteam, make sure everyone masks up except while actively eating or drinking. It’s important for everyone to wear a mask, even at a household or backyard gathering, to prevent COVID-19 from spreading when it is difficult for people to physically distance. This includes family members who may not be part of your Quaranteam or following your same prevention strategies.

We want all Arizonans to stay safe and healthy while enjoying this football season. For more information about COVID-19, visit Go Cards!