Monday, April 19 is the registration deadline to vote on Proposition 100- which is the Special Election for the 3 year, 1% sales tax that would benefit education, public safety and health services (including behavioral health).  The election will be held on May 18, but many people will be voting using early mail-in ballots.  If you still need to register to vote, you can Register online now! using the EZ Voter Program on the Secretary of State’s website.  Of course, if you are already registered to vote in Arizona, you are already good to go and don’t need to register.  Remember, the deadline to register is next Monday, April 19.

You can also educate yourself about the issue by reading the on-line voter guide on the Secretary of State’s Website.  The voter guide contains the actual language of the Proposition along with arguments that have been submitted for and against the measure.  You can see a letter in the voter guide that the Directors of AHCCCS and ADES and I wrote.  You can also read a letter submitted by our former Director, Susan Gerard inside the voter pamphlet.