As of November 20, 2018, the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) is proud to announce its partnership with the United States Army.

The Partnership for Youth Success (PaYS) Program provides America’s youth with an opportunity to serve their country while they prepare for their future. PaYS partners guarantee soldiers an interview and possible employment after the Army. This unique program is part of the Army’s effort to partner with America’s business community and reconnect America with its Army. ADHS looks forward to welcoming these veterans into the public health field.

Soldiers possess the professional and technical skills that we value at ADHS. Their work ethic, discipline, teamwork, communication skills, and leadership ability make them ideal candidates to join our team. In fact, we have more than 100 veterans already working at ADHS.

Through this unique program, soldiers are able to merge their military career into a lifelong career. PaYS eliminates a job searching hurdle, so soldiers can move quickly to a rewarding new opportunity in civilian life.

We look forward to working with PaYS participants who want to continue their journey of service by entering a career in public health.

For more information on PaYS, click here.