As National Preparedness Month comes to an end, remember that preparing for emergencies and disasters is a year-round effort. Arizona may not be vulnerable to destructive hurricanes like Florence, but we are at risk of flooding, wildfires, power outages, severe weather, and other unforeseen hazards. One question to ask yourself, your friends, and your family is, “What would you do if a disaster occurred?”

Being prepared is the best thing you can do to ensure the safety of your loved ones and yourself. Preparing for different types of disasters may seem like a daunting task; however, if you take small steps towards personal, family, and community preparedness, you can make a difference.

The Do 1 Thing website has suggestions for individual preparedness, a link to a 12-month preparedness plan, and a variety of other resources. The CDC also has tips for specific groups including older adults, children, evacuees, people with disabilities and chronic disease, and other at-risk populations.

We challenge you and your loved ones to take small steps each month to improve your disaster plans. This can be done by simply stocking up on the right supplies and building an emergency kit. You can event get the kids involved in building their own emergency kit by making a game out of it; check out the online Ready Kids Build A Kit game.

In addition to considerations for children, personal and family disaster plans, be sure to address the needs of pets. Remember to include your animal’s food, water, and any medications in your emergency kit. Click here for helpful tips on preparing your pets for emergencies and disasters.

Visit the ADHS Preparedness webpage for helpful links and more information on emergency and disaster preparedness in our state. Also, remember to bookmark the Arizona Emergency Information Network (AzEIN) webpage for emergency updates, additional preparedness advice, hazard information, and related resources.