The Arizona monsoon season is in effect. We can expect strong winds, dust storms, heavy rain, flooding, and other extreme weather hazards to be the norm during this time of year. ADHS recognizes the many health threats that come with the monsoon season. To prepare for these hazards, ADHS brought together health safety tips in a brand new monsoon safety page. This page covers a variety of topics such as flash floods, dust storms, poor air quality, Valley Fever, and mosquito-borne illnesses.

Weather conditions can vary dramatically from region to region in our state and it’s important to learn about health risks while driving or at home. Dust storms, can increase health concerns related to poor air quality. Small particles, also known as particulate matter, can travel in the high winds during these dust storms. They can be linked to skin and eye irritation as well as respiratory issues.

Although Arizona has a primarily arid climate, flooding is a real danger during the monsoon season. Arizona’s dry and rocky soil does not absorb water well, so flood conditions can develop very quickly and without warning after a heavy rain. Find useful information on water and food safety, proper hygiene, and injury prevention during a flood. Extreme weather events such as storms and floods may also impact the abundance of vector borne and zoonotic diseases, such as from ticks and mosquitoes.

This new monsoon page can help you learn how to protect your home and family from vector borne and zoonotic diseases during this monsoon season. Please visit to learn more.