Men's health monthMen: When was the last time you visited your doctor? If it’s been too long, now is a good time to change that. 

June is Men’s Health Month, a month to encourage males young and old – and their families – to focus on the benefits of early detection and treatment for common health problems. 

The average man lives to age 76, about five years less than life expectancy for women. Men have higher death rates for many diseases, including heart disease, cancer, diabetes, kidney disease, and influenza, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

According to the CDC, about 52% of men have high blood pressure or are on medication to control it, about 40% are considered obese, and about 13% are considered to be in fair or poor health.

There are simple things all men can do about that. For starters, reconnect with your health care provider if you’ve put it off for too long.

In his proclamation of June as Men’s Health Month in Arizona, Governor Doug Ducey says education about a broad range of health issues can prolong men’s lives and reduce mortality rates for certain diseases. “The citizens of Arizona are encouraged to increase awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle, regular exercise, and medical checkups,” Governor Ducey said.

Regular medical appointments can identify health concerns early and give men the opportunity to address them before they become more serious. Men should work to eat a healthy diet, exercise, drink lots of water, and reduce stress. And talk with your health care provider about whether you’re due for a prostate exam or colonoscopy.

Father’s Day is a good time for families to ask whether dear ol’ dad is due for a checkup. The same goes for other men and boys in the family. Spending a little time with a doctor can help the men and boys you care about enjoy good health for years to come.