We recently launched an interactive dashboard and a number of resources to support the hepatitis A outbreak response efforts of county and tribal health departments, health care providers, and correctional facilities in Arizona. Tracking when and where the outbreak is occurring and who it is affecting is critical to the response. There have been more than 300 outbreak cases since November 2018, and it has primarily affected people who use drugs and who are experiencing homelessness or unstable housing. Vaccinating those most at risk for the disease is the best way to prevent the outbreak from spreading wider in the community.

While county health departments and community partners have provided over 3,500 hepatitis A vaccinations, a community wide approach is needed to control this outbreak. Health care providers should ensure all their patients at risk are vaccinated for hepatitis A. If you don’t know your vaccination status, talk to your health care provider. For more information on where to find hepatitis A vaccine, please visit vaccinefinder.org.