Earlier this week, State Farm Stadium hosted President Biden and Vice President Harris for a virtual tour of our vaccination site. Arizona’s state-operated vaccination sites have been identified as a national model. Since Jan. 11, the two state-operated sites have accounted for more than 20% of the total vaccines administered to date, statewide. In addition, Arizona’s vaccine administration doubled on Jan. 12, State Farm Stadium’s first full day in operation. The state-operated sites are a successful strategy for efficiently and rapidly administering vaccine.

Next week, the week of Feb. 14, Arizona is receiving a total of 85,800 doses of Pfizer and 90,800 doses of Moderna, for a total of 176,600 doses. These doses account for both first and second doses. At this time, there is more demand for the vaccine than there is supply. Over the past few weeks, these amounts have fluctuated: 

  • Next week (week of Feb. 14): a total of 176,600 doses
    • 85,800 Pfizer
    • 90,800 Moderna
  • This week (week of Feb. 7): a total of 176,900 doses
    • 85,800 Pfizer
    • 91,100 Moderna
  • Last week (week of Jan. 31): a total of 163,425 doses
    • 84,825 Pfizer
    • 78,600 Moderna
  • Previous week (week of Jan. 24); a total of 169,525 doses
    • 84,825 Pfizer
    • 84,700 Moderna
  • Previous week (week of Jan. 17); a total of 222,225 doses
    • 96,525 Pfizer
    • 125,700 Moderna

ADHS is prioritizing state-operated sites while there are limited amounts of vaccine. This is in accordance with Executive Orders 2020-62 and 2021-01.

Next week’s allocation will have two significant changes, although the overall allocation to the counties will not change:

  1. ADHS will manage the state’s entire allocation of Pfizer first and second doses. Working directly with the mass vaccinators that administer Pfizer vaccine, ADHS will allocate the number of doses needed for scheduled appointments to each of the sites.
  2. Pima County’s anticipated pro-rata allocation of 18,300 Moderna Doses will appear to be decreased this week by 2,000 doses. These doses are being allocated to the University of Arizona state vaccination site and will remain in Pima County.
    1. Those doses are not taken from Pima County; all 2,000 doses will be allocated to the University of Arizona vaccination site.
    2. Pfizer doses will also be allocated to Pima County to cover first and second doses that have an appointment scheduled.

For more information about the allocation process, you can check out the blog on Arizona’s Process for Allocating Vaccine to Local Jurisdictions.