I am tremendously grateful to work alongside so many people dedicated to helping Arizonans live healthier lives. To see ADHS team members do this day in and day out amid a global pandemic has been truly extraordinary.  

Make no mistake: This has been a challenging two-plus years as ADHS team members have met the challenge of COVID-19. That’s why I’m pleased that Employee Engagement Survey results show that a vast majority of ADHS team members have a positive assessment of their jobs. 

I was especially happy to see that better than nine out of 10 ADHS team members agree with this statement: “My job is important to support the mission of my agency.” 

I couldn’t agree more. 

ADHS team members also strongly agreed that they clearly understand what is expected of them at work and that their supervisors show care and concern for them. Both of these are priorities for this agency’s leadership. 

I’m proud of the people I work with every day at ADHS. I’m happy, though not surprised, to see that they remain highly engaged with our mission of serving Arizonans. 

If public health is your career focus or goal, I hope you will consider joining the team. You can learn more about opportunities here by following our LinkedIn account.