I’m guessing that your children, like mine, have asked the same panicked questions as Oct. 31 approaches: 

Will there be trick-or-treating this Halloween? What about other fun? 

To these kiddos and their parents, I’m pleased to say that trick-or-treating can be done safely, but it’s no time to let down your guard since COVID-19 is still active in our communities. We just need to follow the steps we’ve all been taking to help curb the spread in recent months. We have lots of other tips and tricks available on our website.

First and foremost, whether you’re receiving or handing out candy this Halloween, it’s important to stay home if you feel ill.

Trick-or-treaters should wear a cloth face mask in addition to any other mask they plan to wear. Like you do in other situations, be sure to maintain 6 feet of physical distance from others, and use hand sanitizer frequently. Also, find creative ways to avoid touching frequently touched surfaces, like using your elbow to ring a doorbell. 

Homeowners can maintain COVID-19 safety by wearing masks and using tape to make lines that help trick-or-treaters maintain 6 feet of physical distance. You may want to consider leaving individual bags or cups filled with goodies for kids to take. A fun way to avoid close contact is making a game of tossing (underhand, please) wrapped candy into each kid’s bag. Please be sure to wash or sanitize your hands often, and stay away from the door if you’re under the weather. 

For parents, there’s plenty of reasons for getting creative for Halloween 2020. Some activities to try instead of traditional Halloween parties include holding virtual costume contests and creating a drive-through haunted house. 

As always, you’re safer at home. So I hope you’ll consider decorating your place and putting your kids to work on crafts and other Halloween activities. 

I wish everyone a great and healthy Halloween. #MaskUp when you mask up.