Cases and deaths added today to the ADHS COVID-19 dashboard are far lower than they’d ordinarily be because of a data-processing issue. After days of averaging more than 3,000 cases added to the dashboard, today’s update adds just 822. Meanwhile, the same issue combined with data cleaning means the number of total deaths since the beginning of the pandemic goes down today by one. 

Our staff has corrected this problem, and you should expect tomorrow’s additions to be much higher than they’d ordinarily be. 

We take pride in the accuracy of the data we’ve provided each day during the pandemic. Occasionally because of the nature of real-time data reporting, circumstances mean the additions can be higher or lower than expected. The daily updates on the Summary page of our dashboard add cases reported to ADHS yesterday that occurred mainly on previous days rather than being confirmed and probable cases that occurred yesterday. 

The best way to watch trends for cases and deaths is using the curves on the COVID-19 Cases by Day and COVID-19 deaths sections of the dashboard. Because of the reporting time involved, it can take more than a week for the bulk of cases and deaths occurring on a given day to be reflected on the dashboard. 

The unfortunate trend is that COVID-19 cases and deaths are up since mid-July. In addition, nearly all cases, hospitalizations, and deaths are occurring among those who aren’t fully vaccinated. 

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Vaccines have allowed mankind to check polio, measles, whooping cough, and other diseases. It’s time to do the same with COVID-19.