As we shared last week, an important change is coming to make our COVID-19 Data Dashboard even more useful. Saturday, Feb. 26, will be our last daily update to the dashboard. Weekly updates will start on Wednesday, March 2. 

Updating weekly is consistent with other infectious disease reporting and how public health uses data to make decisions and recommendations. It also will provide a clearer view of COVID-19 trends by smoothing the variability in daily reporting by labs and other sources. 

For example, the current default view showing COVID-19 hospitalizations by day …

COVID-19 hospitalizations by day graph

… will show the data by week as of Wednesday, March 2: 

COVID-19 hospitalizations by week graphWe understand how valuable our COVID-19 Data Dashboard has been to Arizonans throughout the pandemic. Changing it has involved a great deal of thought and discussion about the best way to present this critical information going forward. 

While all dashboard measures have fallen since the spike fueled by the Omicron variant, this change shouldn’t be taken as a sign that COVID-19 is on the way out. There is still a great deal of transmission throughout Arizona, and we continue to strongly recommend that everyone take steps to reduce the risk for themselves and others: 

  • Get vaccinated. As of today, 5 million Arizonans 5 and older have received this safe, free, and highly effective protection.
  • Get your booster dose. Boosters are recommended for everyone ages 12 and older at least five months after the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines and at least two months after the Johnson & Johnson/Janssen vaccine.
  • Mask up and maintain physical distance in public indoor settings.
  • Stay home if you feel sick.
  • Get tested if you have symptoms of 5-7 days after exposure to someone who has or who you believe has COVID-19.
  • Keep your hands washed and follow other prevention steps detailed at

Please visit to locate a convenient provider of safe, free, and highly effective COVID-19 vaccines and booster doses. We list hundreds of testing providers at