AZ Medical Marijuana Act Legal Update

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We understand that the Governor and the Attorney General are seeking a declaratory judgment in federal court regarding the implementation of the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act.  When further information is available, ADHS will update you. Until then, the Department will continue to issue Qualifying Patient and Designated Caregiver Registry Cards on our website.



  1. Henry Bowman says:

    Director Humble,

    I applaud the efforts of you and your department. You have served Arizona honorably and with integrity throughout your rule making process. (sentence removed by editor). Please do not give up fighting for what is right. Thank you for your service. We will stand with you.


    P.S. – Humble For Governor!!!

  2. Jorge Salazar says:

    I commend the fact that you are continuing to let patients and caregivers get their cards. This will allow patients and/or their caregivers to grow their own medical marijuana at least until dispensaries become available. It would be a sad day if the federal government doesn’t come up with some dispensary guidelines to help patients.

  3. Dan says:

    Will this affect the timeline for dispensary applications, June 1 – June 30, or will the deadline be extended?


  4. Frank says:

    (contents removed by editor)

  5. Patrick Gerstner says:

    I am just concerned as I have recieved my patient card in May and will need to renew next May, but if the dispensaries are not going to open soon this does me no good.
    What good is getting the card now if it is unsure when the dispensaries will open. As we all know if we are cultivating it takes a few months to get any product.
    My question is:
    Will the state extend the renewal date for the card to the date that the dispensaries open, so that I can either get a credit for the time that was issued to that date, or a pro-rated price for the renewel. I feel we as patients are to be penalized for the state not covering all of the bases before the passing the bill.
    If the dispensaries do not open for months…we that have already been approved are paying for a card that is worthless at this time! As we all know… getting approved is not cheap.
    I would like to know what the agenda would be for this.
    Thank You!
    Patrick Gerstner

  6. Linda says:

    Where can care-givers and card holders get medical quality marijuana seeds or starter plants legally, to begin growing? Since it is a FED crime to purchase off the streets this is very confusing.

  7. Thomas Otterman says:

    I would like to thank you for helping to secure the rights of patients who use medical marijuana for their ailments.
    It is good to know that there are concerned members of government who are willing to stand up for patients rights.
    I thank you
    Thomas Otterman
    Legal Prop 215 , SB420 Patient

  8. Jaime Muston says:

    there should be more sites like yours on the net! glad to have come across your website

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