Summertime is Salmonella Season in AZ

Usually when you hear about Salmonella, you think about food poisoning.. but salmonellosis is also a zoonotic disease – one spread between animals and humans. Salmonella (which gets its name from the Daniel Salmon head of the USDA in 1885) is a bacteria that causes fever, diarrhea, and stomach cramps, usually within 3 days of eating or […]

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FDA Extends E-cigarette Regulation Comment Period

In April the FDA released proposed regulations for electronic cigarettes and asked for your input.  Last week it extended the comment period by 30 days. The proposed rule focuses on FDA’s regulatory approach to electronic cigarettes and other tobacco products, proposed options for the regulation of cigars, pathways to market for proposed deemed tobacco products, […]

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Interactive Map of Arizona Licensed Facilities

Navigating the vast number, type, and location of licensed facilities just got easier. Our GIS team developed a terrific interactive website that can help you find information about a specific facility or facility type in the State. The ADHS Licensed Facilities application features Long Term Care Facilities, Hospitals, group homes for folks with developmental disabilities, Residential, Medical, Childcare, and […]

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Reducing the Painkiller Body-Count

Across the country prescription painkillers take out way more people than heroin and cocaine combined…  and the story is the same in Arizona.  Last year more than one person died almost every day in our state from prescription opioids… and more people died from painkiller overdoses than car crashes.  In January, I blogged about how we’ve joined the Association […]

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Training Improves Outcomes

Improving health outcomes at licensed healthcare facilities in Arizona requires 2 main ingredients.  Having regulations and encourage continuous quality improvement (which is now complete) and providing our licensed facilities with the information they need to implement practices (in accordance with the regulations) to execute positive change.

Now that we’ve finished developing the new regulations, it’s time […]

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Teens & Tobacco: An AZ Success story

You’ve read on my blog before about Arizona’s statewide youth coalition Students Taking a New Direction, better known as STAND.  The group just wrapped up its 5th annual youth conference to congratulate members on a great year and recognize the best of the organization.  This year, Mohave County’s Kingman Youth Coalition “Beating Up Teen Tobacco” […]

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New Respiratory Viral Panel

Throughout the year, we talk a lot about flu, but there are several other respiratory viruses like parainfluenza, RSV, adenoviruses, and coronaviruses that can also cause respiratory infections.  Our State Laboratory has been able to detect most of these viruses through a battery of test methods, but now we have a way to consolidate testing for […]

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Ventanillas de Salud Snags the 2014 AMC Fannin Award

The annual plenary session of the Arizona-Mexico Commission wrapped up Friday night.    The Ventanilla de Salud (Health Windows) program won the Arizona Mexico Commission’s Paul Fannin award.  This is a top recognition for the Commission- with the award going to “… an organization that has demonstrated acts of goodwill and support toward the development of the Arizona-Sonora relationship.”  […]

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Bacteriology Revolution Coming

When a case of tuberculosis (TB) is suspected, it’s important to rapidly identify it to treat the person and prevent the spread of disease in Arizona. Our State Laboratory is critical in the identification of TB and other bacterial pathogens. The faster these diseases can be detected, the faster public health folks can take action.

The Lab […]

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Ventanillas de Salud Snags the AMC Fannin Award

The annual plenary session of the Arizona-Mexico Commission wrapped up last night with some important health events.  The Ventanilla de Salud (Health Windows) program won the Arizona Mexico Commission’s Paul Fannin award for our public health collaborations last Friday night.  This is a top award for the Commission- with the award going to “… an organization that has demonstrated acts of goodwill and support toward the […]

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