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Enterovirus D68

Arizona joined the states asking CDC for laboratory testing for Enterovirus D68 on Friday.  We’ve had an increase in the number of children hospitalized and treated for upper respiratory illness.  Enterovirus is in the family with the common cold and illness is usually limited to cold symptoms (stuffy or runny nose and cough).  There seem [...]

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2013 AZ Abortion Annual Report

We publish several reports every year that are required by Arizona law…including our annual abortion surveillance report.  We published our 4th Abortion Surveillance Report this week.  Overall, the abortion rate in Arizona was stable from 2012 to 2013, however, the rate of abortions among 18-19 year old women decreased more than 30% between 2012 and 2013…the [...]

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The Legal Mechanics of State Government & PTSD

State government authority and policy is driven by laws that are established by the Legislature and carried out by the Governor through the Executive Branch.  Sometimes laws are passed directly by the voters (called a voter initiative).  Many state laws require state agencies to develop regulations to “flesh out” the laws they pass by  giving [...]

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Awesome ASH Teamwork

Thanks for all your hard work in changing our culture of care at the Hospital.  It’s been 2 years since we implemented new processes to change how we work with patients.  We’ve revised roles and responsibilities for unit staff and campus support, trained all our staff in Non-Violent Crisis Intervention, which is an evidence-based, best [...]

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Celebrating National Payroll Week

As one of the largest departments in Arizona State Government,  ADHS is joining in the salute to payroll professionals by participating in National Payroll Week.  National Payroll Week recognizes professionals who support the American system by not only processing your wages, but also reporting your earnings and withholding employment taxes, which keep America running. Our payroll department [...]

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Making the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice

Arizona is focused on making affordable fruits and vegetables easy-to-find in communities throughout the state.  In Arizona, more than 40% of Farmers’ Markets accept Arizona Farmer's Market Nutrition Program coupons so WIC moms and seniors on the Commodity Supplemental Food Program can purchase fruits and vegetables at Farmers’ Markets, compared to just 21% of the [...]

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September is Suicide Prevention Month

In 2012, more than 1,000 Arizonans took their own lives, including more than 200 folks who had served in the military.  Suicide influences populations differently.  Nationally, the group committing suicide in the greatest numbers is elderly men.  In Arizona, we also have a high rate among American Indians.  Additionally, those with a serious mental illness [...]

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Arizona Community Profiles Dashboard (Part I of IV)

We collect all kinds of surveillance about prevalence of disease, birth, causes of death, reasons for hospital visits, smoking rates and hundreds of other indicators to help us assess health indicators and design interventions to improve outcomes. For the first time ever, we now have a tool to explore this data and visualize it in [...]

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e-Book Edition of the “Guide to Clinical Preventive Services”

For the first time, the US Preventive Services Task Force has released an e-book version of its Guide to Clinical Preventive Services which helps primary care clinicians and patients decide together what preventive services are right for a patient’s needs. The 2014 Guide includes all active Task Force evidence-based recommendations including 28 new and updated [...]

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Vital Records Quality Improvement Team Gets Impressive Results

Our Vital Records team handles more than 600 mail-in requests for birth and death certificates each week.  The average wait time for mail-in certificates had been nearly 4 weeks...too slow in anybody’s book.  Last month we established a cross-functional quality improvement team to find and implement ways to reduce the turnaround time.  We now have [...]

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