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Public Health Professional Development Opportunity

By | March 14th, 2012|General|

The U of A has developed an Arizona Public Health Training Center whose mission is to assess, develop, and deliver training to current and future public health professionals and other community leaders... building and strengthening our public health infrastructure.  One of their strategies is to develop what they call "academic health departments".   They've asked us to partner with them and become an academic health department, which [...]

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100 Years of AZ Public Health Lab Science

By | January 27th, 2012|General|

I thought it would be fun to give some perspective on public health and the Department’s activities 100 years ago as we approach our Centennial in a few weeks.   Our AZ Public Health Laboratory is celebrating its 100th birthday shortly- just like the State.  Our Lab was one of the first parts of state government- it created by the [...]

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Valley Fever Week

By | November 4th, 2011|General|

This is Valley Fever Awareness Week- an annual event to provide awareness  of coccidioidomycosis (also known as Valley Fever)- the second most commonly reported infectious disease in Arizona.  Events for the general public include a “Learn about Valley Fever – Ask the Doctor Your Questions” held in Tucson on Sunday, Nov. 6 and the Walk for Valley Fever in Sun [...]

The Arizona Biomedical Research Commission Patent Factoid

By | September 1st, 2011|General|

The ADHS’ Arizona Biomedical Research Commission has submitted over 66 patent requests worldwide, and has been granted 9 patents within the US in collaboration with ASU and the U of A. The Commission has 22 patent requests published or pending in 7 different countries. Many of the granted patents are anti-cancer compounds. The ABRC continues to [...]

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By | August 10th, 2011|Licensing, Preparedness|

Here in the Sonoran Desert monsoon season = scorpion season.  There are more than 56 species of scorpions in Arizona- but only one- the bark scorpion is of any public health significance.  The problem is that it’s the most common scorpion found in Arizona homes.  Since you live in the bark scorpion's territory, you probably have them around [...]

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