Medicare Physician Bonus Program

By | December 14th, 2011|General|

The Fed’s operate a Medicare Physician Bonus Program to encourage doctors to work in underserved areas and improve access to care for folks on Medicare.  Certain physicians (including MDs, DOs, dentists, podiatrists, and chiropractors) are eligible to receive a 10% bonus if they’re providing services to Medicare beneficiaries in a geographic primary care Health Professional [...]

Arizona State Hospital New Forensic Unit On Track

By | August 26th, 2011|General|

The new Arizona State Hospital forensic unit construction is on track and progressing nicely.  We're in the home stretch now- and the contractors are putting the finishing touches on the project.  The new facility will be a huge help and will be much more conducive to helping our patients on their recovery path.  It'll also really improve the working [...]

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