Personal BP Story

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When we implemented our Salt Initiative  earlier this year we asked people to know their blood pressure and consider reducing their sodium intake by shopping more carefully and preparing recipes that are lower in sodium.  One of the main messages was to encourage people to know their own blood pressure.  Then it occurred to me- [...]

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Infection Prevention in AZ

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Healthcare-associated infections claim more lives in Arizona every year than auto accidents or influenza.  Surprised?  That’s why the Governor issued a proclamation making this week as Infection Prevention week in Arizona- providing us with an opportunity to call attention to one of the CDC’s Winnable Battles-  defeating Healthcare-Associated Infections.  We had a news conference (along with [...]

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Hospital Potpourri

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The State Hospital folks have been very generous with their clothing donations to ICM as part of our SECC campaign.  In one week our Hospital folks donated a completely full pickup load of clothes etc. that went to ICM for distribution to needy folks.  Awesome job- thanks. I also had an opportunity to do a [...]

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Home Visiting Needs Assessment

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Recent research on brain development has found long-term benefits for families when they receive home visits during pregnancy and after the birth of a child.  Benefits include enhanced child health and development, reduced child abuse and neglect, early identification and treatment of developmental delays and health issues, improved pregnancy outcomes, improved self-sufficiency of the family, [...]

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September is National Preparedness Month

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September is national preparedness month, which is dedicated to encourage individual preparation for the full range of hazards including natural disasters, cyber attacks, pandemic disease and acts of terrorism.  Hurricane Katrina taught us that we have to be independently prepared and not expect government resources to be able to rapidly respond in the initial stages [...]

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Marijuana (Cannabis) in AZ’s Nursing Homes?

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Close your eyes and imagine you're one of our surveyors, you're doing an inspection of a nursing home or assisted living center and you find residents smoking marijuana.  Could that really happen?  Maybe. One of the provisions of the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act talks about the ways nursing homes and assisted living centers (that we license) can manage [...]

ADHS Aces FY ’10 Licensing Timeframes

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Did you know that we issue nearly 20,000 licenses every year- on everything from hospitals to childcare centers, midwives, trauma centers and sanitarians?  We’re required to have meet certain time-frames for each license or approval the Department issues- and we issue a lot of licenses.  If we don’t process the license within the timeframe, we’re [...]

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Substance Abuse in AZ

By | July 19th, 2010|Behavioral Health, Uncategorized|

Our Division of Behavioral Health Services is the point guard for substance abuse prevention & treatment in Arizona (also referred to as the Single State Authority for Substance Abuse Services at the federal level).  One of those concerns is the abuse of marijuana- which continues to be in high demand and abused in our state.  [...]

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America's Drug Abusers Going Gray

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The proportion of people admitted for drug abuse treatment over 50 nearly doubled between 1992 and 2008.  While alcohol still is the leading cause of admissions in this age group, sharp increases were noted in those needing treatment for heroin, cocaine and marijuana, according to the study published by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health [...]

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