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Solve the Outbreak 2.0

December 16th, 2013

CDC just updated the free iPad app called Solve the Outbreak… which turns you into a virtual disease detective. The free app now has six newly released outbreaks. Get clues, analyze data and solve the case. Do you quarantine the village? Interview the sick? Do you run more lab tests before you draw conclusions and conduct interventions- or will the extra time used in the lab slow you down and give the disease a chance to get out of control? The better your answers, the higher your score – and the more quickly you’ll save lives. Here’s the website and how to register

There’s also another new disease detective game you can play online for free. It’s called Epidemic and it lets you investigate an epidemic by yourself- or like real-life- as a team. Epidemic was launched by the University of Minnesota School of Public Health and is designed to help people understand the role of public health. There’s even a teacher’s guide if someone wants to use Epidemic in the classroom.

Solve the Outbreak

March 4th, 2013

Check out CDC’s new iPad App, Solve the Outbreak, which lets you pretend you’re a disease outbreak investigator in the world-class Epidemic Intelligence Service by solving outbreaks based on real-life.  When new outbreaks happen, disease detectives are sent in to figure out how they started, before they can spread.  You get to investigate the outbreak and make decisions about confirming cases and implementing public health interventions like isolation and quarantine, social distancing, vaccine prioritization etc.  

The better your answers, the higher your score – and the more quickly you’ll save lives. You’ll start out as a Trainee and will earn badges by solving cases, with the goal of earning the top rank: Disease Detective.  Post your scores on Facebook or Twitter and challenge your friends to do better.  Download the free app today!  

BTW: Dr. Frieden (the CDC Director) paid us a visit during our monthly Local Health Officers meeting on Wednesday afternoon.  Check out the pictures on the Facebook.