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New Certification for Kids Emergency Care

By | September 27th, 2011|General, Preparedness|

A trip to the emergency room with a sick or injured child is one of a parent’s worst nightmares, but it’s not uncommon.  Last year in Arizona there were just over 400,000 emergency department visits by children ages 0–14.  Not all hospital emergency rooms are equally equipped to provide care specific to children.   Arizona is [...]

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What’s Respiratory Syncytial Virus?

By | January 13th, 2011|Preparedness|

Respiratory syncytial virus (or RSV) is another respiratory infection that mainly affects little kids and circulates every year.  It occurs in the winter, like flu, but flu and RSV usually don’t peak at the same time.  Since our flu season is early this year, it looks like our RSV season may be a little later [...]

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