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Introducing… the 2012 ADHS Food Drive

By | October 29th, 2012|General|

Helping fight hunger in our state is a worthy investment of anyone’s time.  One in four children struggle with hunger in our state according the Arizona Association of Food Banks.  To do their part…  food banks in our state supply more than 11 million pounds of food every month.  But the food banks rely on [...]

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Our New Strategic Plan

By | October 17th, 2012|General|

The vision of the Department is to ideally achieve a state of Health and Wellness for all Arizonans and our mission is to promote, protect, and improve the health and wellness of individuals and communities in Arizona. The updated mission and vision statements are helping us build public health value in-house as well as in [...]

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Implementing Our Strategic Plan- Promote Physical Activity & Nutrition

By | April 23rd, 2012|Prevention|

Our Public Health Prevention folks launched an exciting new initiative to improve health outcomes for Arizonans this month called the Arizona Population Health Policy Initiative.  This new partnership (with Arizona’s local county health departments) is focused on achieving targeted improvements in health outcomes for Arizonans by advancing evidence-based strategies which address community design, school health, [...]

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Who is John Doll?

By | November 22nd, 2011|General, Prevention|

Almost 40 years ago, Dr. John M. Doll came to work at ADHS and left quite a legacy.  His philosophy about researching and publishing data that can be used to make a difference lives on... even though he passed away.  Every year, epidemiologists in Public Health Prevention submit the papers they have published to an internal [...]

Let’s Get Kids Off to a Healthy Start

By | July 19th, 2011|Licensing, Prevention|

We know from research that the first five years of a child’s life are incredibly important. The brain is still being formed, and we have the chance to impact a kid’s whole life by building a strong foundation.  One of the best places for public health to get involved is through child care. At ADHS, [...]

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National Public Health Prevention Plan Released

By | June 21st, 2011|Prevention|

The national Public Health Prevention Plan was released last week, with a clear emphasis on the critical contributors to health.  The 4 broad strategic directions for the plan are: Building healthy and safe community environments, Expanding quality preventive services in both clinical and community settings, Empowering people to make healthy choices, and Eliminating health disparities. This [...]

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2011 Department Priorities Spotlight- Public Health Prevention

By | December 28th, 2010|Behavioral Health, Prevention|

The name of the game for Public Health Prevention in 2011 is integration and leverage.  Our Public Health Prevention Team will be focusing on the social determinants of health and working to implement policies, systems and environmental changes that make the healthy choices easy.  Here are some examples of our public health prevention priorities for the [...]

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New ADHS Chief Medical Officer

By | July 14th, 2010|Behavioral Health|

I’m happy to announce that Laura Nelson, M.D. will be taking on some additional responsibilities in her expanded role as the ADHS’ Chief Medical Officer.  She will continue in her role as the Deputy Director for Behavioral Health Services as well (notice the “Acting” label is gone now).  As is the case with many of [...]