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Start the New Year Off Right: Kick the Habit

By | January 15th, 2014|Prevention|

50 years ago this week the 1st Surgeon General’s report on the health dangers of smoking was published- and we’re still fighting the battle.  About 43 million Americans still smoke despite decades of warnings. Smoking kills more people every year than car crashes, suicides, murders, illegal and prescription drugs, and alcohol abuse combined (6,800 people [...]

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Prescription Drugs – a Double Edged Sword

By | December 12th, 2010|General|

When taken as directed for legitimate medical purposes (and prescribed appropriately) prescription drugs can be safe and effective at treating illnesses and conditions. However, the increasing rates of prescription drug abuse are a growing and now urgent problem, especially among young people.  Powerful prescription drugs are often available and easily accessible in many, if not [...]