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ADHS Scores New Heat Illness Prevention Grant

By | September 1st, 2010|Preparedness, Prevention|

The scorching summer of 2005 motivated us to get our act together and do a better job preventing heat related illnesses in Arizona.  That summer, we completed a needs assessment and developed a Heat Emergency Response Plan and Heat Brochure that identifies interventions using triggers from the National Weather Service.  These days, we identify risk [...]

New Heat Study

By | May 18th, 2010|General, Preparedness, Prevention|

In March 2004, our Vital Statistics team produced a special report that examined deaths from exposure to heat in Arizona between 1992-2002.  The report attracted a wide audience well beyond Arizona’s borders. It provided about deaths from heat exposure and analyzed heat mortality occurring in the State to both residents and non-residents (e.g. migrants crossing the desert). We’ve [...]

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