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Hitting Our Mark at Showtime

February 28th, 2013

Last Saturday our Licensing team hit the mark at Showtime- when it matters most.  After hearing that the Fountain Retirement Hotel had put residents on notice it was closing, we immediately became concerned that staff would stop showing up, food and medication would not be given out, and the residents would be turned out into the streets to live. Many of the residents have significant medical and behavioral health needs, and need a caregiver to assist them with things like taking medication and preparing food.  

Our licensing team arrived at the facility immediately after hearing of the situation from the Sheriff’s Office…  and our licensing team pretty much right away called an “immediate jeopardy” (meaning that there was the potential for a real threat to health and safety of the residents).  Our team stayed all afternoon and into the night, working with the facility’s owner and manager to ensure all residents would be safe.  We maintained a strong presence at the facility throughout the weekend, making sure there were proper caregivers, enough food, and that residents were receiving their medication. 

We’re still sending surveyors out twice a day and are working with many other agencies, including AHCCCS, the VA, Adult Protective Services, Magellan, Partners in Recovery, and the Long Term Care Ombudsman’s Program to make sure the residents are finding new homes that will be able to meet their needs.  A huge thanks to Dr. Cara Christ, Kathy McCanna, Richard Young, Ellie Strang, and Jim Tiffany, for responding so effectively and ensuring the Health and Wellness of these Arizonans.  Thanks!

Assisted Living Technical Assistance

March 8th, 2011

Our Assisted Living Licensing Office is working hard to get the message out about important (and exciting) changes taking place in the program, like our new Online Renewal System.  Representatives from the Office are meeting with the Arizona Board of Examiners of Nursing Care Institution Administrators and Assisted Living Facility Managers, the Long Term Care Ombudsman, Adult Protective Services, AHCCCS, the Foundation for Senior Living, and the Arizona Board of Nursing, as well as various Assisted Living provider organizations, to give short presentations about the office and ways that we can work with the community and other agencies to protect the health and safety of Assisted Living residents throughout the State.  In addition to discussing changes in the Office, these networking meetings will help those organizations help us when we have facilities in need of our assistance.

Health and Safety of Residential Clients Protected

August 17th, 2010

Last month, the City of Phoenix submitted a complaint against a supervisory care center in Phoenix, alleging neglect of the residents.  Our team from Assisted Living Licensing worked with the Phoenix Police Department, Phoenix Fire Department, and a Phoenix neighborhood association to conduct an investigation of the supervisory care center.  The investigation substantiated that approximately 50 residents were experiencing neglect. The owner was cooperative, and agreed to our request to relinquish the license. The residents were all relocated and their care was monitored until this could safely be accomplished. The Division of Behavioral Health Services, AHCCCS, Attorney General’s Office, the Long Term Care Ombudsman, Adult Protective Services, and Magellan all worked with our Licensing Team to respond to this urgent need.


Thanks to everyone for their hard work in helping protect the health and safety of the residents but especially Rosey Diaz, Christy Neal, Ellie Strang, Zakiya Torkwase, Jim Tiffany, Brenda Robbins, Idalia Brown, and Bob Sorce!